How telemarketing can help company to overcome an economic crisis
How telemarketing can help company to overcome an economic crisis
July 14, 2020
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July 28, 2020
Highly engaged telemarketing services

Telemarketing services can help you increase your sale.

Telemarketing is a service that generates interest, offers useful and complete information, creates opportunities, favors customer feedback, books appointments and brings sales lead generation by using telephone as a tool. It is one of the longevity generating lead methods and the most used before the internet took off. However, no internet tool can replace the voice of a person and the skill and passion one can put in a call. The phone makes the selling a consultative process, which is the most successful approach and a win-win strategy when it comes to getting people to know and buy your product. Talking to an actual person that can learn your needs and make valid recommendations to cover those needs is the most efficient way to purchase what is useful and valuable to yourself. Additionally, one of the advantages of telemarketing is that you receive a specific offer tailored to your preferences and needs, not an advert addressed to the masses with preset attributes.

To make it easy to understand, here is an example.

When you get a call from an online store operator called “All for Home”, instead of him telling you about the entire range of dishes they offer, he starts asking you a set of questions to find out your preferences. And your needs, this might include “What style is your kitchen interior?” “Glass or ceramics?” “Neutral tones or bright vibes?” “Do you entertain guests or relatives frequently?” and so on. In doing so, he engages you in the decision-making process and offers precisely what you are interested in.

Properly constructed, and not in an intrusive manner, telemarketing can be the best channel of sales.

Telemarketing services can be of two types: B2B and B2C, which stands for Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business. Let’s take a look at the differences between them:

B2B Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing is an area of direct marketing, done by phone, that allows a direct relationship with customers in the organizational or institutional areas, so not for individuals.

Not every company uses telemarketing or even has a specific telemarketing strategy, but know that every time you make a call to land a new client, you turn into a telemarketing manager!

In general, the telemarketer’s ultimate goal is to generate a sale.

However, the benefits for companies that adopt telemarketing actions are multiple:

  • It takes the time and cost out of mining new customers or generating interest in your service or product ;
  • It takes the information directly to your customer, no intermediaries;
  • Excellent telemarketers reduce the need for large cold calling efforts;
  • It builds your B2B Lead Generation by professionally introducing your brand, product or services to potential customers;
  • It canvases existing customers to reveal buying trends;
  • It explores the potential for new business.

B2C Telemarketing

B2C telemarketing is that area of direct marketing, done by phone, that allows a direct relationship with individual customers. It is a broad and effective strategy to be used because of the excellent return rate gained by the personal interaction with the customer.

Because B2C telemarketing is aimed at the final consumer, there are specific advantages you need to know as this time, the customer speaks for himself, and not in the name of a company, and oftentimes it is more authorized to make a decision on spot. The disadvantage is that he is spending his own money, and not the company’s budget, so he will be more attentive, thus the discussion needs to be more person oriented.

A good B2C Lead Generation campaign will consider specific criteria when targeting the customers, in order to provide genuine help with the service and products that are offered.

These criteria might include: age, location (urban or rural), gender, social or income class, the composition of the household (with or without children) and many more.

What is your experience with telemarketing? Learn more on how we can help you with your Sales Lead Generation strategy.

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