Company Profile

8 Years of Telemarketing Excellence

Since 2012, we have consistently risen to become one of the most sought-after telemarketing solutions companies in Singapore. We are one of the fastest growing customer acquisition companies and we are preferred because we deliver strategic solutions to meet the unique needs of all our customers. Our services are not limited in size or scope; we deliver full-range solutions and can efficiently meet the needs of small and big businesses in any market or industry.


A Team That Can Deliver Extraordinary Results

We are not preferred for nothing; we have a team of telemarketing experts with years of requisite training and experience in the field. We ensure that our telemarketing experts undergo intensive training to ensure that they can deliver on our brand promise. We also ensure that their efforts in helping your business grow yields the results you truly desire.

Their dedication and passion help deliver extraordinary results and profitable campaign outcomes, any time…all the time.

Positive Brand Representation

As your Telemarketing partner, it is our job to make you look good, professional and competent. We understand the importance of representing your brand well and we take our job seriously to give you a prolific corporate profile before your clients, your prospects, your partners and your service providers. We can build an image that magnifies your brand and we know how to positively amplify your strong selling points.

More Than Your Regular Call Center

Scenes City Telesolutions is not your regular call center, we are The Sales Partner every forward-thinking business in Singapore needs. We provide a complete telemarketing solution by identifying our clients’ need areas and strategically developing marketing solutions that can effectively solve their business needs.