Data Cleaning

clean up contact list

Do you have a huge, unorganized database that needs updating and cleaning up?

Don’t waste your time manually verifying thousands or millions of information you have on hand. Let our telemarketing team take care of them, so you can focus on the more important tasks, like overseeing your company’s operations and growing your business.

Businesses lose valuable market revenue sending well-crafted campaigns to wrong, fake, mismatched or non-existent contacts. No matter how huge your database is, it wouldn’t mean much for your company if most of the information in it is inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete. It is, therefore, important to perform regular updating, cleaning up and managing your contact list and database. Scenes City Telesolutions provides data cleaning service that involves verifying names, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and other important business information via outbound calls. By optimizing the potency of your database, your sales and marketing efforts will improve significantly, resulting in higher profitability and better ROI.

Through a systematic and meticulous approach, we will rectify any irregularities in data, update old and obsolete information, remove non-existent contacts, perform integrity checks and ensure consistency in all records. This service will help you save costs, reduce errors and eliminate duplicated contact information entries. We make the lead management process more efficient by cleaning up your contact list. This way, no valuable time or resource is wasted. With our help, businesses can now achieve better marketing campaign outcomes and higher targeting success.