Our Methodology

Our Effective Lead Generation Service: How Does it Work?

Scenes City Telesolutions prides itself in providing its clients with one of the best B2B and B2C lead generation services. We use a highly effective four-steps approach for generating leads and making them convert quickly.

Recognizing the most suitable leads

You need to find the right business leads to make them convert into permanent customers. We help you in identifying the most suitable companies and businesses that perfectly match your target audience/ customer.

Expanding the leads

Once we have identified and curated a list of your target companies, we work on profiling their key stakeholders, and important prospects.

Engaging with the prospects

Using the most appropriate communication method for engaging with the prospects strategically is crucial for converting them into permanent customers. We use every effective communication media including emails, chat, voice, etc., to reach out to your key prospects.

Converting them

Finally, we set appointments and meetings with the most qualified leads and prospects and help you convert them into long-term clients.

How Can We Help You Successfully Achieve Your Business Goals?

We leverage different digital channels to win qualifying leads and boost your sales as well as your revenues.

Email Outreach

1. We tailor your brand message and send well-crafted and personalized emails to your target customers.
2. We also send timely and relevant event-triggered emails to your prospects.


1. We analyze your website and identify the prospects who visit your website frequently.
2. Once we know who the prospects are, we help you optimize your website and display banner ads to them.
3. To enhance the process, we follow-up the leads through personalized emails, messages, and calls.

Chat Support

1. We provide 24/7 chat support
2. We reach out to hot leads and prospects via chat and follow-up via call, email, or other media.

Social Channels

1. Our team leverages Social channels to send invites to the most suitable leads and connect with them.
2. We then do a follow-up via personalized email and phone calls.

Voice Calls

1. Calls can be highly effective in the lead generation process. Therefore, we reach out to your most qualified leads via calls after both the intro email and the follow-up email.

Virtual Conference

1. We assist you in conducting and promoting your virtual conference.
2. Additionally, we measure the performance of your webinars to draw meaningful conclusions and help improve your lead generation strategies.