About Our Telemarketing Company

Excellent & Friendly Telemarketing Services for 10 great years

Since 2012, we have consistently risen to become one of the most sought-after B2B & B2C telemarketing companies globally. We are one of the fastest growing customer acquisition companies and we are preferred because we deliver strategic solutions to meet the unique needs of all our customers. Our services are not limited in size or scope; we deliver full-range solutions and can efficiently meet the needs of small and big businesses in any market or industry.

BPO Services

A note from our Founders

This is the day we have been waiting for since we started Scenes City Telesolutions. We started with the bigger perspective in our minds with minimum resources and only a capacity of 5 seats in a call center. Today, those 5 seats have transitioned into 60 seats. Our services are globally recognized and improvements in our services are readily made to provide you with our best services. Today Scenes City Telesolutions has an unique community.

With your support, we have made great achievements as we have completed a decade of hard work and dedication for the success of our company. These 10 years made our company shines in the sky while providing quality services that make clients satisfied and happy.

As New Year begins, we set new goals and focus on the growth of the company. To turn the new leaf of the year and to mark the occasion of 10 years of establishment, we have set up our new branch in Grenada. With best wishes, we hope that this new franchise will bring our customers closer and services will be more accessible.

In this new era, businesses have also got some new advancements. Staff are working remotely. Companies are outsourcing work to increase productivity. It is definitely more cost efficient to hire an external experienced person at a cheaper rate to perform a task. Scenes City Telesolutions have initiated to provide Front Office & Back Office Outsourcing BPO services that are now taking off the charts. Our email/web/chat support, inbound and outbound calls, CRM management, Sales & Marketing services have transpired to be quite profitable for companies. As the evolution speaks for itself, our services have helped companies to achieve their milestones sooner than expected. We are so proud to assist them in growing their businesses.

We are learning from the decade of our services and constantly adding new features to benefit our customers. We collect, analyze and evaluate data and feedback to cater to the growing demand and stay on track for providing the best services. This is how our services are updated, and we are always a few years ahead of our competitors in the market. This year, we have more to offer to our customers. We are making use of technology to boost our work productivity. We will be investing in Artificial Intelligence to transit the usual customer experience and engagements during calls into the revolutionary experience for customers. How exciting!

The pandemic era brings the world online. Smartphones and social media are becoming part of our lives. Likewise, numerous applications have millions of users online, therefore staying on one channel would not work for growing large-scale business. At Scenes City Telesolutions, we engage multiple platforms and effective strategies to reach out to ready buyers of your products and services. This multi-channel marketing approach has yield tremendous benefits for our clients.

Scenes City Telesolutions is willing to make a revolutionary experience of services for our clients. We aim to become the leading and most cost-effective global lead generation company in the years to come. Our top priority is to help you succeed because we understand that we will earn your repeat business if we do a good job. Together, let's build, grow and convert.