How telemarketing can help company to overcome an economic crisis

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How telemarketing can help company to overcome an economic crisis

All industries around the world are currently dealing with the devastating effects of COVID-19. From production to Telemarketing and from the government to finance. Indeed, in the last month, there has been a shift in the way companies and organizations operate, following the introduction of this infectious virus.

Turnover drops dramatically in 2020

Companies are currently being hit hard by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. The results of the study show that 86% indicate that their revenues are falling significantly as a result of the outbreak.

Of those, 86% predict:

  • 33% a decrease in turnover of more than 15%.
  • 21% think that the loss of sales will be between 10% -15%.
  • 33% expect their sales to fall “only” 10% or less.

This significant fall in turnover will also have a direct impact on the economy.

Economic crisis?

From a complete shutdown of production to a drop-in consumer confidence, the coronavirus continues to affect businesses and the economy dramatically. The research shows that many leaders predict that an economic crisis will result.

77% of respondents believe that an economic crisis is an inevitable result of government restrictions and the continuing threat to health from consumers. Especially now that social distance measures remain in place, and training bans are maintained.

How can telemarketing help your business in this situation?

In this pandemic when most of the businesses are falling, you should get up and find some alternatives to fill the gap that is created by this pandemic. Fortunately, telemarketing can help you a lot to keep running your business by filling that gap.

It is more than ever human to human communication; telemarketing is the easiest way to bring the company closer to its customers and prospects. It allows data to be built or enriched, boosts turnover, retains, centralizes, or deals with customer risk.

  • 1. Identify the needs of potential customers: Because of the COVID-19, customer needs have been changed. The usage of your product may have depleted. In this situation, you can use telemarketing for your business. For example, if you are transporting goods abroad, you should determine whether the company is exporting its goods before offering your services. This is not so difficult, useful, information today is in the public domain.
  • 2. Collecting and updating customer data. In this pandemic, you need to update your database, as many of the small businesses have collapsed. You can do that using telemarketing. Calls are made to customers on the old base to understand who else works and to whom you can offer their goods or services.
  • 3. Conducting questionnaires, surveys. They can be carried out, for example, in order to launch a new product. You can offer new products along with your product as you know needs have been changed. It has been seen that most of the brands are offering hand-sanitizers and masks with their product. This shows the seriousness of the company’s approach to each customer, the importance of his opinion, and the message that the survey results are an excellent reason to call again.
  • 4. Sales of goods and services over the phone. Social distancing is the only thing that can save you from COVID-19. This is the reason that you should not physically contact your customers. Communicating with the customer, identifying preferences, and making a buying decision over a phone is what telemarketing can do for your business.
  • 5. The company manager’s connection with the client. After the decision is made, the telemarketing manager schedules a meeting of the client directly with the sales manager. So the things will be automated and you do not have to leave your business to take a look at the telemarketing campaign.

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