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Sales Funnel

Sales funnel, also called revenue funnel is the buying process that the organizations conduct to lead customers through while making a purchase. It can also be defined as the process by which the company finds, qualifies, and sells its products to the customers. Sales funnel involves several steps but they may differ depending on the sales model.

Steps for Building Sales Funnel

1. Analyzing the Behavior of Audience

Higher you have the knowledge about your audience more effective your sales funnel is. You should not do marketing to everyone. Instead, you should target those who are ideal for our sales. To analyze the behavior of your audience, you should first create an account on Crazy Egg and start taking snapshots. The user behavior reports from Crazy Egg will help you know how people engage with your website. You will get to know that where do they click, when do they scroll, and how much time they spend on the page. With the help of this, you will be able to easily refine buyer personas.

2. Capturing the Attention of Audience

The only you can make your sales funnel work is to get the people’s attention. For this, you will have to put the content in front of the audience. You should post tons of content, diversified with infographics, videos, and other content, on all the platforms you are using. If you can spend some cash then you should also go for running some ads. The place for running the ads depends on where you will find your target audience. For example, if you are selling B2B then LinkedIn ads are an ideal choice.

3. Building Landing Page

The ad or content you have created has to carry your prospects to your target audience. You can also direct them to the landing page. If you feel that some are low in sales funnel then you should focus on capturing the lead instead of pushing sales. Creating a landing page is a great way to steer visitors. Moreover, you should also have a bold call for telling them what to do.

4. Creating Email Drip Campaign

You can lead the marketing via your email by providing spectacular content for your audience. You will have to do it regularly. One or two emails a week will do the job. You should build the sale by educating the market like what they want to learn and what objections and obstacles have to be tackled to convince them to buy. In the end, you should make an interesting offer that inspires the lead to action.

5. Keeping in Touch

Don’t sideline your existing customers. Instead, you should reach out to them and appreciate them for their purchases, involve them in your social media sphere and offer additional coupon codes.

Creating and optimizing the sales funnel may require a lot of time. But if you want to survive in the market then sales funnel is the must. Even the minute detail may have an impact on the conversions and if you force the buyers to buy from you then they may run away.

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