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July 28, 2020
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5 crucial reasons why companies are still using Telemarketing

Telemarketing, a successful marketing strategy in 2021. People like people, people like talking to people, and this didn’t change in the last 20 years, even with the rise of new technologies based on the internet, bots, and Artificial Intelligence.

And this is something that Telemarketing services companies know and build on. Technology made it easier for these services to be delivered from anywhere in the world, technology became more and more accessible making it very easy for people to enter the market of delivering B2C Lead Generation and B2B Lead Generation services from the comfort of their homes.

And telemarketing still keeps its position and proven results as a successful method to sales lead generation, drive new sales and generate profits for any business. So why do companies still use telemarketing?

Brand Awareness

A shift has happened however in the last years, that is telemarketing campaigns do not essentially have to be sales oriented, as they are more and more used for awareness, for building trust, making or keeping connections, thus building brands, while sales become an ulterior result. With the customer saturated by the influx of marketing newsletters, emails that just overwhelm him and drive him away, a phone call with a clear objective, a script that is merely a guideline and meaningful conversations, can produce fantastic results. Used for promoting a new product, an extension of a product line or about a new feature or attribute that is introduced in your product or service portfolio cold calling will always be a good method for business development.

Expands your Customer Base

Sales lead generations and Outbound calls help create new sales opportunities for businesses. Telemarketing campaigns also create a personal communication between the client and the business and this builds trust, making businesses more personal and authentic and getting better results in the short, medium and long term.

Cost Effective

Telemarketing is one of the most economical sales and marketing strategies, while the costs for Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Influencer Marketing or Search Engine Optimization have risen due to google algorithm improvements and a saturation of the market. Telemarketing campaigns cost less nowadays than other promotional or advertising methods and therefore the level of risk involved in terms of the value of return on investment is much lower. Besides, telemarketing still holds the advantage of making things personal and very value-driven, while SEO for example is still a general form of marketing.

Pipeline Building

The benefits of being patient and appreciating the long-term opportunities are just as important as the short-term ones. As a small call center you always have the benefit of adapting quickly to the trends or imposed law requirements and this is a unique advantage that customers really appreciate.

Keeping up to date and accurate records of each and every call you make with your prospects is of invaluable importance nowadays, when time is key and you need to be just in the right moment with your call to land that new client that you’ve been courting for months maybe.

Immediate Results

Telemarketing is one of the marketing methods that generates instant results. It brings immediate feedback from your leads that helps you analyse the market trends, customers’ desires and behaviours and adjust, restructure, repackage your offers and your speech to be spot-on with your approach. This translates into a major competitive advantage that will differentiate you in the market.

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