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Telemarketing common mistakes

Sales Lead Generation with Cold Calling

In marketing, Lead Generation is the initiation of consumer curiosity into products or services of a business.

Many people think nowadays that cold calling is a wasted effort for developing new leads. However, no matter how many new methods arise with the support of the latest technology, cold calling will remain a way of genuinely connecting with people.

For best results, we will reveal in this post Top 5 Common Mistakes Salespeople Do When Making Cold Calls.

The reality is we can’t control how a person responds to a cold call – some will just hang up while others will patiently listen before declining an offer – but the following common mistakes often speed up customer’s’ negative behaviors. If you know your product and can sell it in person or online, it stands no reason why you can not do the same via a cold call.

1. Improper Phone Etiquette

Yes, it seems counterintuitive, but many salespeople are clueless about proper etiquette. With text messages and e-mail, phone communication is not the necessary activity it once was. Salespeople who chew gum while talking, have loud music playing or worse, they mumble, are salespeople who will not convert their calls. Speak with a clear tone and without background distractions, be polite, and get to the point right away. This will help you increase your success on cold calling.

2. Inability to Listen

Your prospects are looking for a better way to do things than the way they are currently doing. However, most cold callers forget this and barge ahead with their pitch. Ask open-ended questions, let your prospect speak. Then, paraphrase what your prospect said. This demonstrates you were listening and understanding their concerns and you are willing to provide the solution they need. It also leads to more cold call conversions.

3. Fear Projection

As cold callers, we all need to meet quotas, so when you hear “Person X is in a meeting” it’s tempting to assume they just don’t want to talk. Assuming the worst is a bad idea, it makes you sound pushy and scared – no one wants to talk with that guy. Instead, politely ask when is a good time to call back without assuming anything.

4. Lack of Preparation

Many cold calls go off the rails because callers are not ready for the call. When prospecting, you need to have a firm understanding of what questions may be asked, how to overcome objections, and even be prepared to make conversions. Doing your due diligence on a prospect or knowing every angle of what you’re selling helps this – so does writing a script if one doesn’t exist.

5. No Value

The easiest way to extend a call beyond a greeting is to give someone what they want. Many cold callers take too long in explaining the value of their product. In your script, have a value proposition built into your greeting. It serves to be less canned of a greeting and get your prospect’s attention.

Cold calling is not rocket science, it is simply doing sales over the phone. Use your script, be polite and prepared. Avoid unnecessary mistakes like the ones above and your calls will end up getting the conversions you need!

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