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Marketing Tools are the tools used by entrepreneurs and businesses for promoting their product or service. The following are some of the best 5 Free Marketing Tools an entrepreneur can use for growing and promoting his business. Here it is the 5 Free Marketing Tools:

1. Canva

The most important strategy for marketing is to have appealing visuals. Visual content, whether custom illustration or different designs, is a great way of having a professional appearance. If you are looking for a free online tool for creating visual content for your then Canva is the best option.

Canva provides free illustrations, images, and templates. Moreover, this tool is very simple to use as you just have to drag and drop. With this tool, an entrepreneur can produce high graphic content for his website. Using this you can create amazing flyers and brochures without any expenditure.

2. Madmimi

Madmimi is the most popular free online tool used in the world for email marketing. Email marketing is a great way to make your brand and service recognized to the customers. Every business whether it is big or small has to handle and send thousands of emails every day. For this purpose, Madmimi is very beneficial. Using Madmimi you can send, share, create, and track the email newsletters. Madmimi allows you to send, share, and track 40 million emails every day. Everybody is aware that email marketing is very important for entrepreneurs. Therefore, to simplify it Madmimi is a great free online tool.

3. Buffer

Social media Marketing is named one of the most important things for entrepreneurs and businesses. Therefore, Buffer is ranked as the most beneficial in this regard. Buffer is a free online that lets you customize the online posts and increase your brand’s reputation amongst the customers. With Buffer, you can have all your social media accounts at a single place and create campaigns, and scrutinize the success rates of the posts.

4. Google Analytics

When it comes to digital marketing, Google Analytics is regarded as one of the important for marketing strategies. Within a couple of minutes, you can add the Analytics code to your website and then track the activity of everyone who visits your website. Although Google Analytics is a traffic tool still it may have a significant impact on your marketing strategies. All in all, Google Analytics is a tool that every entrepreneur should have for promoting his business.

5. Hootsuite

Social Media plays a key role in making companies succeed. Therefore in this digital era, social media marketing is very important. Thus a free online tool like Hootsuite helps you manage all your social media posts in one place. Hootsuite has several features that may help your company succeed like assisting with engagement.

Hootsuite makes your social media marketing very much easy because Hootsuite allows you to manage more than 30 social media platforms at a single place.

Every entrepreneur tries to promote his business amongst the customers and for this purpose, he uses several marketing strategies. To make sure that online marketing strategies are succeeding then having the right online marketing tools is necessary. Therefore this list of the 5 best marketing tools will help you take your company to the skies.

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