Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services


Nothing turns off customers like unanswered calls, unreturned calls and bad phone etiquette. Over here, we take care of all your calls in a timely and efficient manner. We manage order-taking, event-registrations, inquiries, complaints and other inbound call-related services. Our proficiency at managing massive amount of phone calls takes the stress off your shoulders. This saves you time and energy that can be channeled to other core business operations.

Voice Call Support

Voice call support has become more and more important in the latest years, since AI and bots are taking over the customer interactions in almost any business, because there is nothing more annoying and displeasing for a client than not being able to talk with a human being about his problem. Voice Call Support is actually becoming a strategic differentiator to those businesses who understand that human interaction goes beyond solving a specific problem, offering a certain piece of information or simply making clarifications available.

If you have a team of people dedicated to answer incoming phone calls from your customers and address each of their concerns, you, as a business owner, can focus primarily on running your business and managing the company’s operations. This will enhance your productivity and your employees’ as well, while meeting the needs and expectations of your customers.

If you don’t have the manpower and resources for voice call support, or simply you prefer this service to be handled in the most professional manner by dedicated experts, Scenescity Telesolutions can provide this for you.

We deliver high-quality, expert voice call support services designed to bring unmatched results for your business’s growth and success. Our voice calls support specialists are highly trained and skilled to accept any type of calls, address various concerns, and provide an outstanding level of support, all aimed to deliver flawless results to every customer. With a proven track record on customer care and support, our team is well versed in dealing with various types of situations and helping your customers in the simplest, most ideal way possible.

At Scenescity Telesolutions, your customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we are committed to delivering the best voice call support solutions through our customer service hotline, tailor-fitted according to your business’s needs. Let us handle your customers’ problems and concerns so that you can focus on strengthening your core competencies, growing your business, and gaining competitive advantage.

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Real-Time Live Chat

Customers gain more confidence and peace of mind about their online experience when they know that there is someone whom they can easily connect with regarding any questions they have about the brand or business they are dealing with. While sending an email or submitting a support ticket helps customers express their doubts, the response is almost always not instantaneously. With a real-time live chat feature on a website, customers can get immediate answers to any question, inquiry, clarification, or complaint they send.

A live chat feature promotes a person-to-person interaction between you and your customers, enabling them to engage with your business about any questions or doubts they may have regarding your products or services. By responding to their concerns quickly and in real-time, you are helping them make better and faster decisions, as well as build trust and confidence about your brand. Knowing that there is someone to assist them with their concerns boosts positive experience for customers.

If you need professional and experienced live chat specialists who can manage the inflow of customer questions, messages, and complaints about your business via live chat, Scenescity Telesolutions has the right team for you. We provide smart, genuine, and polite answers to each of your customer’s queries, not canned, boring responses. We will study your business inside out so that we can provide helpful information according to customers’ questions.

Increase your conversion rate, sales, and ROI by offering personalized real-time live chat support services to your potential customers and website visitors.

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Email Support

Email continues to be one of the most used and preferred communication channels among businesses all over the world. Whether you’re sending out an official announcement, responding to an inquiry, or addressing customer complaints, emails play an important role in establishing and maintaining a strong customer relationship. With the right approach to email responding, you can turn a complaint into positive feedback and convert a simple inquiry into a sale.

This is why companies and organizations need to allot time, manpower and resources for email support. There should be people in your firm that focus solely on responding to email inquiries, answering customer questions, processing orders sent via emails and managing complaints and dissatisfaction. By keeping the communication line always open between your company and your customers, you are allowing them to connect with you and your business on a deeper, more personal level — something not very common to many companies.

At Scenescity Telesolutions, we provide professional email support solutions to businesses that aim to enrich the service experience of their customers. If your in-house team is struggling to handle the surge of your email tickets and requests, our email support specialists can work with you closely to deliver high-quality responses and provide helpful assistance to customers via email round-the-clock.

Our real-time email support and non-voice customer care services are designed to help businesses connect with prospects, convert leads to buyers, and maintain and strong relationship with them most proficiently and professionally.

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Social Media Support

Managing your brand or business on social media can be overwhelming. Aside from conceptualizing and creating content to share with your followers, you also need to moderate the replies, comments, and messages you receive daily. Ignoring your customers’ responses to your social media account can dramatically affect your brand’s reputation and negatively impact your social proof.

Social media is a communication channel that your customers use to connect with you to ask a question, leave remarks, and provide feedback. As a business owner, you and your team have the responsibility to respond to these messages not only to boost engagement on your social channels but more importantly to maintain a strong relationship with your customers.

If you don’t have the time, manpower, or resources to manage incoming social media inquiries and messages, we at Scenescity Telesolutions have experts who can perform comprehensive and reliable social media support to ensure that your customers on social media are accommodated at all times. Whether your brand or business is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or all of these social media platforms, we will take care of your customers and ensure healthy engagement among them.

Our social media support solutions include customer service, community management, crisis and reputation management, content monitoring and tracking, and more. Our team can do as little or as much support you require from us, whether it’s setting up your social media profiles or moderating incoming comments. By hiring our social media support team, you can focus more on your core business as we take care of your social media presence and activities.

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