Outbound Voice Call

Voice calls

Telemarketing services generate interest, offer useful and complete information, create opportunities, favor customer feedback, book appointments and bring sales lead generation by using telephone as a tool. All these fall under the Cold Calling umbrella in a Call Centre business, and if this is what you’re looking for, you’ve reached the right page!

At Scenescity Telesolutions, we have telemarketing experts who are trained and experienced in appointment setting and also in responding to inquiries and handling rejections and negative comments from cold calls. Through our extensive experience and knowledge of prospecting and lead acquisition, we can help you set business appointments for face-to-face meetings, teleconferencing and virtual meetings through Skype, Zoom, and other online communication tools, so useful in this new normal we are building for our businesses.


Appointment Setting

An appointment setting outbound telemarketing solution is necessary if you want to reach out to potential leads without neglecting the core competencies of your business. By hiring outbound call specialists, you will have a team of experts who are responsible for reaching out to potential business leads and scheduling appointments, helping you save time and effort.

At Scenescity Telesolutions, we have telemarketing experts who are trained and experienced not only in appointment setting but also in responding to inquiries and handling rejections and negative comments from cold calls. Through our extensive experience and knowledge of prospecting and lead acquisition, we can help you set business appointments for a face-to-face meeting, teleconferencing, and virtual meetings through Skype, Zoom, and other online communication tools.

Our vast experience in outbound call services enabled us to master the art of connecting with prospects who are not expecting any marketing or sales call from a company. More than this, we have established a track record in successfully delivering sales pitches and setting appointments over the phone. Because of these, we can help you broaden your customer base, increase conversion rate, and boost your sales in a professional, ethical, and cost-effective manner.

With our comprehensive and intelligent outbound appointment setting solutions, we can take the pressure of appointment setting and qualifying prospect off your team and take care of the entire process of setting qualified appointments — from list management to cold calling to closing the deal and successfully scheduling an appointment. We have the capability of turning a cold call into a hot lead that matches your business goals and objectives.

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Events Invitation

Event management can be tedious work. It involves crafting a guest list and inviting an audience that will be interested in your seminar, workshop, conferences, or other small or large scale events. Once the list of guests and attendees are completed, coming up with an accurate headcount is another time-consuming task as it involves contacting each one of guests at a date closer to the event to get a confirmation.

We understand the limited resources and manpower of most businesses and individuals that hinders them from prioritizing the invitation and registration of guests for their events. Through our thorough Scenescity Telesolutions events invitation service, contacting potential guests through targeted phone calls will no longer take up too much of your time and attention that you can otherwise use in perfecting the other aspects of your event. Furthermore, our professional staff with precise attention to detail will take care of the registration for events of all sizes and provide accurate reporting to help you plan for your big day.

With our events invitation service, you will have an accurate number of guests coming, so you can make arrangements or changes to your plans according to this important data. We take care of RSVPs and we contact the guest list more than once to ensure there are no unwanted surprises that can significantly upset your entire plan. Our friendly, well-mannered and professional employees are trained to deal with any situation in a respectful manner, so you can leave a good impression on your guests and attendees.

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Business Development

Are you looking for the more profitable ways to expand the frontiers of your business? We help businesses identify strategic markets, products and partnerships that can add value to the bottom-line. We also help our clients develop their new product and business to the point of product viability and help them identify best ways to penetrate old markets and/or the most effective ways to enter new markets. Our business development strategies are cultivated on tested and trusted framework and processes; we provide strategic thinking that creates long time value for clients’ businesses.

Before you think about jumping into creative and smart sales strategies, consider building relationships and establishing a rapport with prospects first. This is called business development, and when executed properly, it can lead to a successful close, maybe not immediately, but definitely in the future.

Business development helps organizations adopt new methodologies and strategies to adapt to various opportunities and address challenges that come in their way. Scenescity Telesolutions offers business development solutions designed to help businesses identify strategic markets, viable products, and strong partnerships that can add value to their brand. We believe that with a comprehensive strategy that starts with a solid business development plan, you can achieve greater sales success and grow your business further.

Our business development solutions are customized for each client and tailor-fitted according to their business goals, marketing strategies, sales target, market positioning, and audience. We help clients develop new products, explore new business ideas, as well as identify effective ways to penetrate old markets, and enter new ones. We cultivate our strategies on tested and trusted framework and processes, offering strategic thinking that creates long-term value for clients’ businesses.

If hard selling via cold calling isn’t the route you want to take, we will focus on relationship building and business development that will jump-start your sales strategy, create long-term relationships, generate lasting revenue, and grow your business further.

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Market Survey

Market survey is an essential step for any business that is planning to launch a new product, new idea, or new design. It is particularly helpful in assessing the feasibility of new business ventures or any firm before opening. Knowing this piece of information before launching can help companies understand the market before investing significant resources in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of a new product. This survey does not only benefit pre-launching companies or products, existing products and firms also understand the advantage of conducting a market survey when assessing how they can improve their current products’ designs and features to make them more attractive to the consumers. Furthermore, it is also a viable data collection tool used to analyze the reach and market penetration of existing products.

Conducting a thorough market survey can consume time and resources that can otherwise be used for business or product development. Scenes City Telesolutions offers high-quality, professional, and excellent market survey support through targeted or randomized voice calls that are designed to collect essential information and insights such as assessment of how well existing products are doing in the market and collect feedback that can be used to improve, refine or modify existing products, or how well the product or business will be received by the target demographic before launching.

We aim to help new and existing businesses save on resources by providing high-quality data, obtained through professional means, and collated using advanced solutions. Let our top-notch market survey deliver the information you need for a successful product, business, or design launch.

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Data Cleaning

Do you have a huge, unorganized database that needs updating and cleaning up? Don’t waste your executive time manually verifying thousands or millions of information you have on hand. Let experts take care of them, so you can focus on the more important tasks, like overseeing your company’s operations and growing your business.

Businesses lose valuable market revenue sending well-crafted campaigns to wrong, fake, mismatched, or non-existent contacts. No matter how huge your database is, it wouldn’t mean much for your company if most of the information in it is inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete. It is, therefore, important to perform regular updating, cleaning up, and managing your contact list and database. Scenescity Telesolutions provides data cleaning service that involves verifying names, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers, and other important business information via outbound calls. By optimizing the potency of your database, your sales and marketing efforts will improve significantly, resulting in higher profitability and better ROI.

Through a systematic and meticulous approach, we will rectify any irregularities in data, update old and obsolete information, remove non-existent contacts, perform integrity checks, and ensure consistency in all records. This service will help you save costs, reduce errors, and eliminate duplicated contact information entries. We make the lead management process more efficient by cleaning up your contact list. This way no valuable time or resource is wasted. With our help, businesses can now achieve better marketing campaign outcomes and higher targeting success.

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Data Building

Building accurate and up-to-date database and contact lists are one of the top challenges that B2B and B2C businesses have to deal with if they want to generate leads and successfully close deals. Finding prospects, qualifying data, and maintaining an entire database require a good deal of time, energy, and skills to do so. The help of expert data builders can help make all these tedious tasks a lot easier and faster.

At Scenescity Telesolutions, we have a dedicated team that can help you build your database and fill it with high-value prospects. We have millions of contacts in our database that can be segmented and utilized by B2B and B2C businesses and we provide niche-specific data. However, we don't simply give them away to clients. Instead, we review your specific business criteria, target audience, as well as marketing positioning first before segregating and providing you a contact list that matches your requirements and helps you boost your sales success.

Our unique and smart list building service will not only help you save time, energy, and resources, but will also make data usage and analysis extremely powerful, efficient, and targeted. Whether you need a database of prospects for marketing, sales, or recruitment purposes, the data we will provide you is guaranteed to meet your business goals.

At Scenescity Telesolutions, we understand the importance of an easily accessible database for B2B and B2C customers. That is why we are committed to delivering unparalleled results for your list building needs.

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Mystery Call

Mystery calls service can help in obtaining valuable data that can be used in evaluating a business against its competitors by comparing prices, product features, and service quality. Through mystery calling, we gather important information for our clients that are designed to evaluate their business’ competitive advantages and threats in comparison to their close competitors. Mystery calls can be used to evaluate business or brand attractiveness to prospective clients. Unbiased employee performance evaluation can also be achieved through assessment of the quality of employee-client interaction. This knowledge helps businesses know areas for improvement and training. Data collected via mystery calling helps with empirical research and reporting; it is an effective tool for improving the service quality.

To perform quality and objective mystery calls, the service of skilled, professional, and highly-trained callers are essential. Through Scenes City Telesolutions mystery call service, we utilize our expert staff that has been trained to conduct voice calls in a friendly, respectful, and engaging manner. We bring our evidence-based strategies to gather the needed data from the targeted audience and collate the information that would be useful and beneficial for our client’s business development.

Here at Scenes City Telesolutions, we aim to bring effective solutions for businesses by conducting thorough research that would yield important insight and scientific evidence as to how a business can progress, expand, or move forward. By utilizing the data we gather, your business can formulate plans and strategies to maximize your competitiveness and improve customer service.

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