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Highly engaged telemarketing services

Telemarketing is about selling goods and services using your phone. A hundred years after the invention of the phone, companies began to realize that it is convenient and practical to use for the sale of their goods and services. The phone will connect directly with the buyer, bypass all possible intermediaries, and offer the product based on the person’s needs and preferences. At the same time, the usual advertising is aimed at the mass, not the specific person.

For example, you got a call from an online store operator called “All for Home” Instead of telling you about the entire range of dishes, he starts asking questions and finding out your preferences.

What style do you have the interior in? Glass or ceramics? Neutral tones or bright? Do you often invite guests?

In doing so, it engages you in the decision-making process and offers precisely what you are interested in. Properly constructed, not intrusive telemarketing is the best channel of sales, as it involves the consumer in the decision-making process. But at the same time and the most expensive, because it is not mass advertising and individual piece work. The cost of telemarketing services is determined solely by the skills and abilities of the manager. Excellent callers are highly valued, and sometimes, to get them, you have to put a very high motivation.

Telemarketing can be of two types; B2B and B2C. Let’s take a look at the differences.

B2B Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing is an area of direct marketing that allows a direct relationship with customers, prospects, or partners, using the telephone tool exclusively.

Not every company has a specific telemarketing strategy, but know that every time you make a call, you turn into a telemarketing player! Do you become a sales agent or a marketing agent?

In general, the telemarketer’s ultimate goal, or more correctly the selector, is to generate a sale.

However, the benefits for companies that adopt telemarketing actions are multiple:

B2B telemarketing for a sales goal:

  • Strengthen the company’s target markets
  • New markets, especially internationally,
  • Expanding the company’s client portfolio
  • Maximizing sales team results
  • Increase sales appointments

B2B telemarketing for marketing purposes:

  • Increase the company’s visibility in its target markets
  • Developing relationship marketing: Strengthening the relationship with the customer, prospect, partner
  • Support to develop customer loyalty programs
  • Communication: Sign up for corporate events, announce the launch of new products/services
  • Updated databases-customers for future marketing initiatives

B2C Telemarketing

B2C stands for business to customers. It is an effective and widespread sales strategy thanks to the excellent return rate obtained by the immediate interaction with customers.

B2C telemarketing is aimed at the end consumer whose purchasing decision is based on a significant part of subjectivity and impulsivity. Conversely, we see the Business-to-business strategy. These psychological values will inevitably inspire the approach to this particular audience in both senses of the word.


The main criteria for selecting a “special” file are demographics, socioeconomic or psychological data such as:

  • Gender
  • The age range
  • Geographic location
  • Social or income class;
  • The composition of the household (with or without children.)

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